February 12, 2009

FASHION LIVES... In spite of...

NY Fashion Week is here, and the addicts are knocking down her door! Recession?? Ummm... I'm sorry I don't understand! The state of our union will hardly impact the state of our wardrobe. Fashion is about EXPRESSION, and as any true fashionista knows... that definitely comes from within! Beauty that lives on the inside will at all times be reflected on the outside. So regardless... even if she's just been laid off, her sense of style will never be severed!

This week every one is a super diva fashionista, and will be flaunting their newly purchased spring '09 trends fresh off of the racks of Madison or Fifth to prove it! For many, Fashion Week is an open opportunity to express their own personal sense of style, and although under normal circumstances some of these outbursts would be COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE, this week it's honored! In fact, if it's unique enough or fab enough, it may even be featured in the next morning's Daily! The fashion show is clearly ON and OFF of the runways! So while some will merely be affected by the chaotic fabulousness of Fashion this week, totally oblivious to the Tents, the after-parties, wondering why there are so many celebs and models in town, etc... the True Fashionista LIVES for it!

Of course, this year we'll see much smaller shows with a lot more exclusivity... less seats, more celebrities, more socialites, and TOP-PAYING CUSTOMERS. Designers are following the lead of the retailers that they are partnering with... they're realizing that if buyers and marketing professionals are dropping like flies, then it's definitely time to reach out to the 'spenders' directly! So if you're not in the industry, or don't already have your invites and seat assignments, you'll probably just want to make sure you tune in online. Check out style.com (among many others) for daily updates of all of the Fall '09 runway shows!

Either way... flaunt your style, and express your fashion! ...and not just next week... but LET IT LIVE! Whether your garbs come from H&M or Oscar de la Renta, allow your inner-beauty to shine through. She knows how to define the real you!

but please remember this...
Do it with STYLE, and seal it with a KISS!
photo by style.com - Peter Som runway show Fall 09