August 28, 2007

Dress the Trend Within!

So just as the forecast has predicted, way back in February... we are beginning to see Fall's hottest (or shall I say coolest) trends hit the streets! ...from Beauty to Fashion!

Just take a stroll down Fifth Avenue and you'll see that most of the store window displays are merchandised with Fall's "NOW" colors... Grey and Red! Grey is definitely going to last throughout the season, and you'll continue to see it as the neutral working especially well for Fall's hosiery, knitwear, outerwear, dresses and wide leg pants! It's so easy to wear, and all shades work! It's a cozy color, and compliments all of the season's Bold Colors that you'll find in most of the accessories! While the bold purples, royal blues, bright pinks, golden yellows and vibrant oranges are sure to hit the scene... a RED bag, clutch, shoes and/or gloves MUST make it into your wardrobe this Fall!

The leggings, ladies, are slowly fading away!! What was one of the hottest trends since last fall will soon be classified as a 'fashion Oh-NO'! Instead, this fall we will be revisiting the opaque tights... and guess what color you'll be seeing all over?? You got it! GREY! I'm sure there's no need to reiterate that tights are NOT stockings, but just in case... you get the point!

I love the sleeve details on all of the tops this season... puff and balloon sleeves on coats, cardigans, dresses and blouses add a flirty, girly touch to your basics.

While designers are relying on celebrities to pretty much be their anchor people in setting the trends, it's important to remember that you have to Dress the Trend Within. You are a real person, with a real body, and you may not have the pocket size of the rich and famous... YET! So although it's totally OK to be inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Sienna Miller, Kerry Washington, Paris Hilton, etc... what works for them may not work for you! Staying in the 'know' of what's going on in Fashion helps you to confidently step out in Style! ...Regardless of whether you're shopping at H&M or Saks! Personal style plus Class plus Confidence equals Beauty!!

Check out these fun looks on!

Cynthia Steffe

Marc Jacobs

Jimmy Choo


Christian Louboutin it with STYLE, and seal it with a KISS!!

August 27, 2007

BK's Finest!

Well... aside from the occasional visit to friends and family, which usually only happens around the holidays, you wont ever find me in Brooklyn!
you're checking out my two new favorite Brooklyn spots! New additions to the "Best of..." which was originally intended to cover areas in Manhattan, I am pleased to add Brooklyn to the map!

For relaxation at any time... day or night, Body by Brooklyn Spa and Lounge is located in Clinton Hills, and is the perfect combination of chic and serene! The list of available services and treatments go on and on, but I must recommend the six-step Red Flower Haman treatment... incredibly relaxing!!! especially after you've tried the martini!! They've got great after-work hours, as well as weekend of course, and VIP rooms for you to enjoy a more personal experience. You can even enjoy the wet lounge with or without a treatment... A Russian Bath, Turkish Aroma Steam Room, Cedar Sauna, Thermal Hot Tub, Cold Plunge Pool!

Definitely try to drive in or take advantage of the car service that's available if you're coming from the city.... it's much more convenient that way!! but from BKYLN or Queens... the G train is only a couple blocks away.

Of course you'll also need to know where the grown and sexy nightlife is in Brooklyn! ...and it's definitely downtown at NY Perks!! The stylish and trendy wine bar, martini lounge and restaurant, with private cigar deck, is not only conveniently located... it's signature cocktails and sophisticated atmosphere will embrace you, and keep you coming back! NY Perks hosts a number of private events and parties, accommodating everything from birthdays and baby showers to weddings and corporate holiday parties. On a typical Friday or Saturday night, you can groove to the sounds of Brooklyn's hottest DJ's and dance away the stresses of the work week! The after-work Thursday scene is much more relaxing, as the weekly schedule of events vary. Monthly film festivals, spades tournaments, and ladies nights are among the rotating list, or you can just sit back and mingle while enjoying a glass of wine and a delicious slice of Red Velvet Cake! Mmmmm!!! I love it!

Be sure to check out these spots on-line as well! it with STYLE, and seal it with a KISS!!!

August 16, 2007

Is Black the New BLACK??

When it comes to FASHION... it always has been, and it always will be! Though many colors and flavors splash into the scene, the staple and basic foundation of classic style will simply always be BLACK! ...Hhmmmmm??!!!

So of course, it's only befitting that true "Blackness" in fashion, through the influence that Blacks have had in the industry, be celebrated! Check out EBONY's new September issue as they do just that! You'll be totally "WOW"-ed by all the fashion in this issue!!! ...Especially since EBONY is not known for Fashion! it with STYLE, and seal it with a KISS!!

August 15, 2007

SHOES... A Girl's Best Friend!

They're flat, they're high, pointed, rounded, and even square. They're knee length, calf length, ankle length, and everywhere in between. A thong, a lace-up, a slide, a sexy strap or plenty. In an array of colors, prints, skins and fabrications beyond belief... they're fun, they hip, they're classic and they're chic. They're cool, they're warm, they're comfy and they're cozy. Sometimes they're so divine that we even sacrifice comfort for a few hours of painful FABULOUSNESS! They complete our outfits, and change our moods... keeping us relaxed and grounded or confident and sexy! They hold the deepest vow of confidentiality while silently witnessing our inner most secrets, knowing all of our flaws, and supporting our daily transformations. Our shoes stand by us and keep us standing through thick (heels) and thin (heels)! Our shoes... they know what's hidden in our closets... they know who's been in our beds... they know what happened in Vegas! Our shoes are our true best friends!

So let's be sure to gladly welcome the largest new shoe department ever to NYC!! Saks Fifth Avenue has even went out and claimed a separate zip code , 10022 (along with a stamp collection) for this huge addition to their flagship NYC location. This Friday, the store will launch their NEW SHOE DEPARTMENT on the 8th Floor. Totally revamped and equipped with not only the largest selection of designer shoes in the city, but also a round-up of all the best shoe specialists in the industry! Who can ask for anything more?? There's really no better place to shop this FALL's latests trends! it with STYLE, and seal it with a KISS!!

August 9, 2007

Hats Off... HATS ON!!!

Definitely "ON" this Fall! Especially when they're super cute like this one found on! More than just a necessary accessory to camouflage a bad hair day, or combat the winter breeze... A great hat is sooo FASHION! So wear them proudly... and not just on the weekends!

August 8, 2007

Tracy Reese at Daffy's!!!

I peeked into Daffy's recently looking for a cute top and a fabulous, discounted picture frame... when much to my surprise, I found two and a half racks full of Tracy Reese and Plenty by Tracy Reese!! Everything from tops and skirts to dresses and coats, with prices from $29.99 - $199!! The selection was amazing, and although the merchanise isn't this current season, it was still a great find! With very few people in the store, it was like... (insert brief pause followed by a heavenly sigh) shopping her sample sale... but it was JUST FOR ME!!

August 7, 2007

Perfect HAIR, SKIN and NAILS??

Forget about purchasing ridiculously expensive vitamins and creams to have perfect HAIR, SKIN and NAILS!! Just add these three ingredients to your beauty regimen, and your good to go!

For luxuriously, silky and flowy hair... start with a weekly protein hair mask by Frederic Fekkai. My favorite conditioner (everyone who knows me has probably already tried it... so continue to SPREAD THE NEWS!!) totally revitalizes damaged hair, and gives healthy hair a lively bounce and glow! You'll love it... and you wont ever turn back!

Fekkai Protein Rx Treatment Mask

For instant healthy-looking nails that shine with classic beauty... Try 'Sugar Daddy' ESSIE

...And for a natural quick fix, when you don't feel like going with foundation, but need to smooth out your complextion just a bit... Add MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish Natural to your LV cosmetic case. The powder provides a light coverage and a matte finish that's perfect for work or weekend... pick the shade that's right for you!

Who said perfect hair, skin and nails were hard to come by?? Now to maintain this beauty inside and out... drink lot's of water, and " it with STYLE, and seal it with a Kiss!"

August 6, 2007

How cute is MK's outfit?! ...LOVE IT!

Unfortunately, unless your "sans le curves" this one wont be as easy for you to pull off! Don't be discouraged, though. Let your unique sense of fashion shine though anyway!


do it with STYLE, and seal it with a KISS!


photo credit: Spash News

Even the Queen Diva has an alter-ego! Sasha, the performer and grande entertainer behind one of my favorite divas, Beyonce, definitely knows how to give us what we want! Like Mimi is to Mariah... and Brook is to Mary J... whatever works to bring their talent to it's peak, while still keeping them grounded and "human"... so be it!

In fact, I think it's time for me to let my inner diva shine through... How about "ZaNae!"!

August 3, 2007

Only the Best Will Do!!

So as I begin the weekly "Best Of... in NY", I'd like to start with a new salon that I will be testing out this Friday! I know, I know... how can I say it's the best if I haven't tried it yet? Well let's just say that it already gets my stamp of approval for having an expert staff, convenient mid-town location and wireless connection. The upscale salon services all hair types as well as mani-pedis, threading and waxing, carries the best products and has the MOST COMFORTABLE SHAMPOO CHAIRS EVER!!! The best part is that you get it all at a great price! I mean really... with a shampoo, roller-set, and manicure (while you dry) starting at $38... it's definitely an "affordable luxury" for everyone! So while you may be in love with the stylist in your neighborhood, it's the perfect after work spot. Especially when there's just not enough time to go home before that spontaneous date that you now have tonight... a date with the cutie that you just can't stand up! Well now there's no need to stand him up... ever! :)

I'll keep you posted, but from what I've seen... and the professionalism and commitment of the salon's owner, Raine Burrell... I'm sure that after Friday you'll only hear my praise!

Define YourSelf Salon
56 W.56th Street
New York, NY 10019 it with Style, and seal it with a Kiss!

August 2, 2007

LADIES... It's Cupid's Curse...Sorry!

Unfortunately our male friends are a little difficult to deal with… just when you think you know everything about them, something else comes into the mix. Usually with the same excuse as to why you didn't know, you hear, "Oh… you didn't ask!"

So in an attempt to avoid the "gray area", here are a list of questions, w/elaborations, for you to try to filter out the BS! We'll call them the Top Ten… Clearly it's more than ten, but the follow up questions just piggy back off of the original to avoid confusion as much as possible! …lol!

Top Questions for dating… First Date and Speed Date Appropriate!

1) Are you in a relationship?
a) Are you married?
b) Have you ever been married?
c) Have you ever been engaged?
d) Are you seeing anyone?
e) Are you dating?
f) Are you single?
g) How long ago did your last relation ship end?
h) How long was it?
i) Does she know it's over?

...If you receive appropriate answers, continue to question two.

2) Are you sexually active? (If no, you're lying!)
a) w/how many people?
b) Any men?
c) Have you ever had any sort of relations w/a man? …sexual or other?
d) Have you ever thought about it?

...If you receive appropriate answers, continue to question three.

3) Do you have any children?
a) How many? How old?
b) Is there a possibility that you may have children that you do not know about?
c) Are you supporting anyone else's children financially? …or otherwise?
d) Do you pay child support?
e) Baby mama drama? Why or Why not?
f) What is your relationship w/your child's mom?

...If you receive appropriate answers, continue to question four.

4) Do you have any roommates?
a) Male or female?
b) How long?
c) Have you ever been involved in a relationship w/your roommate, sexually or otherwise?
d) Would you ever be involved in a relationship w/your roommate, sexually or otherwise?

...If you receive appropriate answers, continue to question five.

5) What is your relationship with your parents?
a) Siblings? Relationship w/them?
b) What are your family values?

...If you receive appropriate answers, continue to question six.

6) Do you want to get married?
a) How important is it to you?
b) Do you have a problem w/commitment?
c) Do you have a problem w/monogamy?

...If you receive appropriate answers, continue to question seven.

7) Are you currently employed?
a) Where? …How long?
b) What do you do?
c) Is this your dream job?
d) Are you comfortable w/your current salary?

...If you receive appropriate answers, continue to question eight.

8) What level of education have you completed?
a) Do you plan to obtain any further degrees?

...If you receive appropriate answers, continue to question nine.

9) What are your goals and aspirations?
a) What's your plan?

...If you receive appropriate answers, continue to question ten.

10) If we were to begin a relationship, would you be comfortable getting tested for HIV/AIDS and STD's before we have sex?
a) Every six months?

Hopefully at this point you've got more than enough information to work with! …lol! Good Luck!

August 1, 2007

Peanut Style!

Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts characters hit the runway for Fashion Week! On September 7th, notable designers such as Isaac Mizrahi, Betsey Johnson and Pamella Roland, come together to launch a couture fashion line inspired by Charlie Brown and the gang. Following the 'MetLife Snoopy in Fashion Show', the pieces will be auctioned off, with all proceeds going to Dress for Success! I love it! ...and I can't wait to see how fashion brings these characters to life! it with Style, and seal it with a Kiss!