August 15, 2007

SHOES... A Girl's Best Friend!

They're flat, they're high, pointed, rounded, and even square. They're knee length, calf length, ankle length, and everywhere in between. A thong, a lace-up, a slide, a sexy strap or plenty. In an array of colors, prints, skins and fabrications beyond belief... they're fun, they hip, they're classic and they're chic. They're cool, they're warm, they're comfy and they're cozy. Sometimes they're so divine that we even sacrifice comfort for a few hours of painful FABULOUSNESS! They complete our outfits, and change our moods... keeping us relaxed and grounded or confident and sexy! They hold the deepest vow of confidentiality while silently witnessing our inner most secrets, knowing all of our flaws, and supporting our daily transformations. Our shoes stand by us and keep us standing through thick (heels) and thin (heels)! Our shoes... they know what's hidden in our closets... they know who's been in our beds... they know what happened in Vegas! Our shoes are our true best friends!

So let's be sure to gladly welcome the largest new shoe department ever to NYC!! Saks Fifth Avenue has even went out and claimed a separate zip code , 10022 (along with a stamp collection) for this huge addition to their flagship NYC location. This Friday, the store will launch their NEW SHOE DEPARTMENT on the 8th Floor. Totally revamped and equipped with not only the largest selection of designer shoes in the city, but also a round-up of all the best shoe specialists in the industry! Who can ask for anything more?? There's really no better place to shop this FALL's latests trends! it with STYLE, and seal it with a KISS!!

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