June 7, 2007

Live on Fifth!

Prepare to be struck as the stars come out tonight!!

Cartier sure loves charity!! ...And they get their own day to prove it!! Tonight the stars are shining brightly as they come together to celebrate in the name of LOVE. Tomorrow, June 8th, will be Cartier's second "Declare Your Love Day", and they're kicking it off with a big 'house party' tonight! Ok... fine, not really a house party, more like a private cocktail party at the Cartier mansion! :) This year the event will celebrate internationally in Cartier boutiques all across the globe!

The 2007 Cartier LOVE Charity Bracelet is a silk rope bracelet on an 18-karat white gold Cartier siganture LOVE link that comes in eight different colors. Each color represents a charity, and the celebrity associated with them. For each $475 bracelet purchased, $100 will be donated to that specific charity!

Djimon Hounsou - SOS Children's Villages - Deep Copper Charity Love Bracelet
Faith Hill & Tim McGraw - The Neighbor's Keeper Foundation - Chocolate Charity Love Bracelet
Eva Mendes - The Art of Elysium - Navy Blue Charity Love Bracelet
Julianne Moore - The Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance - Lavender Charity Love Bracelet
Rihanna - Believe: Light Green [sea foam] Charity Love Bracelet
Usher - The New Look Foundation: Gold Charity Love Bracelet
Rachel Weisz - The Constant Gardener Trust : Lilac Charity Love Bracelet
Elie Wiesel - The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity: Yellow Charity Love Bracelet
...new bracelet just added to support the Mayor's Fund! (NY)

Get your LOVE Charity bracelet today at Cartier boutiques everywhere, or at Saks Fifth Avenue.

...and only a few blocks down in another mansion, KANYE WEST definitely knows how to celebrate a birthday!!
At the Louis Vuitton flagship store, also on Fifth Avenue, as KANYE celebrates his big 3-0 (30's the new 20... no wonder he's doing it up! ...lol) the house will be packed!

So unless you're into fashion, music, and love... I'd stay as far from Fifth Avenue as possible! hahaha! I'm going to party guys, see ya manana!

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