July 24, 2007

Written All Over Her Face!!!

Almost as if she knew what was going down... the shock on Kelis' face tells how many of us feel! After only a little over two years, Vibe Vixen will fold... ending with the August/September issue. "The female counterpart to urban music and lifestyle magazine Vibe," that was just beginning to develop a strong and loyal readership was definitely heading in the right direction. This year we were beginning to see more fashion, great articles, and the eye-catching layout was definitely playing a role in reeling us in! Though I was not as excited about Vibe Vixen last year, at this point I'm truly disappointed that it's time has come to an end. Vibe will publish special issues only, and we still have the site ...however, whoever is is charge of the site must have missed the memo, because it needs a serious makeover to keep an audience!

I mean really... Essence will always be fabulous, but Vixen was definitely a bit more generation specific. Will we ever get a voice 'just for us' to last???

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