September 5, 2007

Fashion, Fashion in the Air... Fashion, Fashion EVERYWHERE!!

It's definitely that time! New York Fashion Week Spring '08 officially begins today, kicking off Runway shows at the Tents (Bryant Park) and other locations all across the city! Designers 'new' and 'established' in the American market, will be presenting their Spring '08 lines in NY this week through next Wed 9/12!

This week every one's a super diva fashionista, and will be flaunting their newly purchased fall outfits fresh off of the racks of Madison or Fifth! For many Fashion Week is an open opportunity to express their own personal sense of style, and although under normal circumstances some of these outbursts would be COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE, this week it's honored! In fact, if it's unique enough or fab enough, it may even be featured in the next morning's Daily! The fashion show is clearly ON and OFF of the runways! So while some will merely be affected by the chaotic fabulousness of Fashion this week, totally oblivious to the Tent's, the after-parties, wondering why there are so many celebs and models in town, etc... the True Fashionista lives for it!

Chado Ralph Rucci Fall '07

Credentials or none, invitation or not... the Art of "catching the show" has certainly been mastered season after season. For some, all it takes is to have "the look" complete with the hottest Lu-Bu's and the season's "It" Bag , and you're in! Other's hustle just a bit harder, even volunteering their time (rather smart thinkin' if you can afford it!), just to See and be Seen!! The worst are the sneaky, grimy "Fashio-Know-So's" who are CEO of their own camp, and feel that their entitled to the world... be careful, they are the ones who steal your seats (acting as if they didn't see your name!), try to steal your goodie-bag, and can work any crowd... fooling many among them!

Despite the Tricks, there are more than enough Treats, and if you're not in the industry, but a fashionista still... be sure to check out all of the looks, straight from the runway on, one of the many sites that get the pics first hand and publish them almost immediately!

Oscar de la Renta Resort '08 it with STYLE, and seal it with a KISS!!

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