October 8, 2007

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we all should be doing our part to support the cause! After all, thousands of women are diagnosed yearly, and this disease is certainly not biased. I'm sure everyone knows at least one other person who has been affected personally with Breast Cancer, or indirectly through the illnes of a family member. So if for no other reason, SUPPORT THEM!!

Since there is no known cure for the disease, most monetary donations are resereved strictly for research. So even purchasing that Pink Ribbon at the checkout of your favorite retailer will help! Also, since about 85% of women who develop the disease have been found to have no family history of it, it is extremely important for you and the women in your life (especially those over 40) to go for an annual screenings! Of course, unless you are at a higher risk due to family history or over 40, it is not necessary for you to be tested unless you discover symptoms. However, we can not forget about our moms, aunts, sisters, and grand-mothers. Encourage them to to take care of their health and get their mamograms!

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