January 2, 2008

It's time for change!


So as we step into the new year, there are many things that we begin to consider... and then what usually happens is we overwhelm ourselves with this collage of ideas and things that we feel require change in our lives.

We go through the motions of setting goals... making plans... and even beginning routines toward accomplishing them. And suddenly, it's the end of the year, and we're lucky if we've done 50% of what we set out to do. Typical New Year Resolution.

This year, 2008, we need to truly enforce change in our lives. This is the year of New Beginnings, and we must to treat ourselves to a fresh start. It's time to make a Revolution in our lives, a necessary radical change!

The first change will be to break the bad habit of failed resolutions... FOLLOW THROUGH!

Don't be afraid of change... Be open to new things!

Remember that the possibilities are limitless!

Embrace the new year as an opportunity to become a new you!

Don't overwhelm yourself, take it step by step, but Make it Happen!

And please remember this... do it with Style, and seal it with a Kiss!

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