December 16, 2008

My Love, My Love

It's been a long time since I've felt LOVE... seen LOVE... known LOVE

His smell, his kiss, his touch... such a distant LOVE

Missing LOVE... wanting LOVE... needing LOVE


So what do you do... how do you react when this 'stranger' begins to intrude in your life unexpectedly?

I mean really, we all want love... regardless of whether we choose to admit it or not. For some of us it's about companionship and security... for some superficial minds, it's only about a wedding... but in almost all cases, we expect this love to come with a commitment. A commitment of honesty and open communication, trust and loyalty, respect and exclusivity... you know the basic relationship staples. Is this too much to ask? Seriously... is that too much to ask???

Of course it's easy to blame men, after all, they're the ones doing all of the cheating and lying... destroying our trust, and ruining us for the next man... ruining us for real LOVE, right? WRONG!! (OK, OK... hear me out!)

Ladies, it's time to look deeply within. Certainly, there may be times when we will give our heart to LOVE. We will trust our souls with LOVE, and we will be betrayed by, or even denied LOVE! But it's our LOVE that makes us unique... its' our LOVE that makes us special, and it's the willingness to renew, refresh, and revive this LOVE that not only keeps us going but defines us as women!!!

So while there may often be jerks who try to take advantage of our LOVE or abuse our LOVE, we must never make the mistake of being the ones to take our own LOVE for granted! Our LOVE is our own... it is to be cherished and protected, yet still allowed to have a mind of it's own. And damn, don't we know it has a mind of it's own. Our heart definitely loves without permission, but why not let it? As long as we are not being poisoned by a toxic man or relationship (i.e. the mental, physical, or verbal abuser; the overly jealous and insecure; the self-obsessed; the chronic gambler; the alcoholic; the drug-abuser and the free-loader... all topics of a separate blog! we can not over-indulge in LOVE... and that's our super power. Our LOVE is rechargeable... with an unlimited supply!

The problem comes when we forget LOVE. When we forget that we live and breathe LOVE, and we don't have to look for LOVE or wait for LOVE to survive. We are LOVE!! Once we realize and understand that our LOVE regenerates and is fueled only by self-love, then we have the ability to tap into that unlimited supply! We have found the key to LOVE!

So ladies, don't lose your key! Men do not control how, when, or why we LOVE... nor do they control how, when, or why we refuse to LOVE! They only wish they had that much power... but only you have the key!

So feel LOVE... See LOVE... Know LOVE... and he'll need you... TO SURVIVE!

...and please remember this,
Do it with STYLE, and seal it with a KISS!!

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