December 19, 2012

So excited... this year I made a wreath!!!

Yay!!! So I was inspired to make a wreath from scratch this year... something I've never done before. A little overwhelmed by all of the leftover branches that were cut from my Christmas tree, and absolutely no clue where to start, it took me about two weeks to begin this project. Thank God it only took me about two hours to complete it! 

I used two wire hangers and formed them into circles... this was the base. Since I waited two weeks to begin this project, I had some pretty dry branches sitting in the living room, so we started out by moistening the branches. After allowing them to sit in a bucket of water for a few minutes, I took them out one-by-one, and began to wrap (weave) them around the hangers and each other. Since I didn't have any floral wires, I used twist ties from the storage baggies. I used them to connect the branches, as needed. I added a few decorations once that was done... and VOILA! My homemade wreath!

Try it yourself! It was simple, and didn't take long at all!
...Do it with Style, and Seal it with a Kiss!

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