January 2, 2013

Nail it Every Time!

OK, so we're Super Busy Superwomen... does that really excuse us from missing the mark on beauty? Absolutely NOT!! We're still fabulous, and must maintain a certain level of 'fabulosity' and class at all times!

I'm going to have to say that there are not too many things that I hate more than to see a well put-together, beautiful, professional woman with obviously chipped nail polish!!! URGHH! ...and to say that it's in the name of fashion is a complete insult and total beauty faux-pas!! Unless you're in costume, on a runway, or just going for the "I'm a nervous, irresponsible, immature wreck who picks at her nail polish and thinks that it's OK... AND I couldn't care less about my image nor what you think about what my image is portraying" -look,  there is no real-life trend that warrants a chipped nail! So fine... that might be a bit extreme, but really, if you're over 21 and would like to be taken seriously as a lady (in life, work, dating, fashion, etc...) then you should really not act oblivious to the big deals that the simple details carry! 

As women, we're naturally ready for the normal beauty slip-ups. We carry our most beautiful bag of tricks, fully equipped for that unfortunate moment. "Oh no, my hair is a mess... My make-up needs a refresh... Ugh, I have food in my teeth... Damn, those onions were delish in my salad, but my breath, UGHHH... My lips are chapped... My hands are in serious need of moisture..."
So why slip up when it comes to our nails? That moment is bound to come around when we can least afford it, "OMG... my nail polish has chipped, and I don't have an extra minute to waste"  

With work, school, interviews, motherhood, cooking, laundry, cleaning, gym, da-ta-da-da-da, the list goes on... even if you're on your way to get your mani-pedi... there's no reason that you have to be caught out there! Along with your brush, floss, lip balm mints, and lotion, you absolutely MUST pick up a pack of nail polish remover pads. Throw them in your cosmetic bag, or have one stashed in each purse, but please... 
Never leave home without 'em! Unless you're carrying your nail polish for touch-ups or a quick fix, a clean bare nail is always better than a tacky chipped nail! 

But that's just my opinion... Lol!

I say a lady should always be classy and stay polished...
But please remember this...
Do it with Style, and Seal it with a Kiss!

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