December 3, 2007

Express Yourself!

We've barely reached the first week of December, and surprisingly, I've almost completed my shopping list! Now that's a huge deal for an extreme holiday procrastinator like myself. Usually, I'm the one you'll see making 'day-of' purchases! But of course, we all have that one person in our lives (sometimes two) who we get totally stumped with. I mean really... she either has everything that you can think of, or if she's made mention that she wants it, you have only two days to buy it before she does! That sucks when Christmas is 22 days away! What to do? What to do?

This Christmas is all about expression! Stuff her stocking with a Jessica Kagan Cushman bangle! These oh so cute and trendy bangles are the perfect gifts, and certainly say 'Holiday Holidays' with style! These fossilized woolly mammoth ivory bracelets engraved in scrimshaw with phrases from movies, literature, and even graffiti can be found online, or at specialty retailers such as Barney's and Neiman Marcus. The average price of these bangles are $125.

Wear them alone or stack 'em on! But quite honestly, I love the $10 Stack 'em girl, Stack'em prices that Laila Rowe offers for their equally fashionable version of the bangle! Though I'm not typically one to stand by a knock-off... I say what Laila says, "Redefine the Impossible!"!

Whichever you it with STYLE, and seal it with a KISS!

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