February 19, 2015

#TBT Edition: First Lady... Ready or Not!

It was a Saturday afternoon... about seven years ago, while riding on a train in NYC, a musician was playing a beautiful song in my train car. I don't remember which instrument he was playing, but I do remember enjoying it! I remember feeling as though he were one of the most talented subway musicians around. As he walked throughout the train car to collect donations for his 'performance', he stopped in front of me. Unfortunately, I did not have anything for him, but he apparently had something for me. He began to speak to my spirit, words of encouragement and validation. 

-Now, under normal circumstances, great performance or not, there's NO WAY that I would have been comfortable with it, nor would I have received any type of message from a stranger on the train in NYC... Certainly not a pan-handler! I'd learned, after moving to Bed-Stuy several years prior, to rock my 'NYC grill'... Especially for these types of situations! You know, that expression that anyone moving to NYC must must adopt in order to fit in, because God forbid you're actually caught smiling in the streets and speaking to strangers! ...lol! The expression that says what true New Yorkers say so effortlessly, "I am NOT approachable; leave me alone!"-

However, the peace that came upon me through his words confirmed that it was, indeed, a message sent from God... An on-time one at that! He confirmed many things for me, as if he were able to see through my 'grill'... straight to my heart. He ended the prophecy with, "You are a First Lady... You hear me? A First Lady!"

Well, I received that prophecy. Although the messenger wasn't typical, I was still able to identify the spirit from which the message came. Funny thing is I knew I wasn't ready to be a First Lady, so I began questioning if maybe he meant it metaphorically. Now... seven years later and still single, I'm realizing that God also knew I wasn't ready, and DUH, that's exactly why I'm still single! As much as I've wanted to join the marriage ranks and circles of some of my besties, I understand that He is still working on me! My trials, my tests, my droughts... It's all for my making! 

I am grateful and so excited to see what the future holds, because I know that GREATER is coming! And as far as that First Lady hat... I think I'm juussstt about ready to wear it! I guess we'll soon see the context of that Word that was brought to me that Saturday afternoon... and the blessings that it will bring. Either way, you already know...

I will do it with Style, and seal it with a Kiss!!

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