May 22, 2007

Lewis... Sparks...

...Better known as the IDOLS finalists!

The two-day season finale (starting @ 8p.m. tonight on Fox 5) captures the largest audience, from Idol Fan-atics to those who haven't followed the season at all! So even if you stopped watching when LaKisha Jones got kicked off... or cried with Simon last week when Melinda Doolittle's shine came to an end... if you hate Paula Abdul for trying to bring sexy back 89 years later, and feel that her tripping over her chihuahua and breaking her nose is nothing more than a desperate plea for attention doesn't really matter. Tonight is your last opportunity to make your voice heard! So go ahead and vote, vote, and vote again!

So who's getting your vote tonight?

...Will it be the gorgeous and oh so talented JORDIN SPARKS? (my personal favorite!)

...or the short and sexy b-igetty, b-igetty, b-igetty, b-igetty BLAKE LEWIS? (gotta love him!)

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