May 29, 2007

Shut Up??!!!

So if you didn't catch the news on Friday... Michael Vollbracht, Creative Director and fashion designer of Bill Blass, has left the building! The American designer collection brings fashion and style to classy and mature woman, while still bridging the gap of beauty for women of all ages. Vollbracht has more recently managed to make Bill Blass a more familiar name to younger women, with the well known and highly desired looks of Janet Jackson's red dress at the CFDA's, and Angelina Jolie's January cover of Vogue... and the launch of the new floral fragrance that's so perfect for the summer!

So what's next for the future of Bill Blass?? Well, we shall see... the announcement of the new line up is expected soon. However, the classic elegance of this collection is bound to live on!! As for Vollbracht, who knows... maybe he'll retire off to the countryside, and find peace in drawing and painting mother nature's more natural fashions.

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